Why did I?

Just a thought!

Being someone with nothing else to do, here I am writing this blog. But why am I doing this? Well because being twenty something you are not supposed to sit idle!! Till the time we study and after we procure a job no one bothers us but the gap in between the two..Well that’s same as hell. I think most of us can relate to this as we all go through the same.
It was like yesterday I was a girl with no worries and today I got to be answerable to the whole world about my life. But why??
Aren’t twenty something the years for hit and trial method. A time to err and learn! Then why are we forced to act mature when we are not ready. But no my dear, you gotta compete and win a blind race! Whatever. I think I need my own time to bloom. However, myself being a participant of this race I often ask myself when did I grow up or rather WHY DID I?

Let’s Explorevio!

Life is a journey. On that, I believe it’s an endless journey where every destination paves way for something new and better. So, all we can do is enjoy the journey and make the most of it!

Some of us are full of zeal and want to explore. Some want to travel in style. Some; just want to go… anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter what we plan, the experiences we gain and the change is brings is inevitable and beyond our planned goals. Recently, I came across a platform that offered me exactly what I was looking for: A community of travellers who make sure we all get to taste the ocean salt and bask in the mountain sun through their amazing discounts and blogs. Even their name professes what they believe – Explorevio.


I was attracted to their vision like moth to light. Guess what? Now, I am a part of their blogging team. So, here’s a link to my travel blog:


I hope you guys loved it. Do share your views in the comment section. I am so thrilled to be a part of Explorevio.

I love to roam around and explore places but never thought of writing about them. But now, I’ll be writing all my great escapes and will be sharing them with you all. Thanks to Explorevio for giving me the opportunity and broadening my vision. Also, this might bring some of us together. How about a group trip!

Apart from that, you can book your trips with Explorevio! I know there’s a world pandemic out there, but it’ll end one day. We can’t let ourselves down. So enjoy the blogs and let your imagination run wild. You may also make a travel bucket list. I am planning of making one. You may also work on your long awaited travel diary. Let’s keep ourselves at home while keeping our travel fantasies alive!

Once we are out of this, just click here: https://booking.explorevio.com/ and boom! It’s your time to live your travel dreamโค๏ธ

For my friend, as they say, the carpe ain’t gonna diem itself!

PS: For collaborations contact : info@explorevio.com

Stop abusing Teachers!

Teachers or guru guide us. They are the light that made our world bright. It is because of them you and I can read and write and earn and what not.

Teaching is always considered a noble profession because it conditions the whole society. School/College is where we spend half of your time in growing years. Teachers work hard day and night to ensure that they deliver their best.

In times of pandemic, when everyone is doing what they did, a teacher learned a whole new way of teaching to make sure that the process of learning doesn’t come to a halt. I am pursuing B.Ed and I too am attending lectures to learn the new methodologies so I can give my best in near future.

But what is more surprising is that my mother, at 57, changed her style of teaching to reach her students. She has always loved her pupils and they too have showered her with love and respect. That was her reward. She didn’t allow a pandemic to stop her from taking classes. That’s her dedication to the job. She remembers her students. It gives me immense joy when someone comes out of blue to greet her in public and she feels proud to have been their mentor. I saw how fulfilling this profession is and chose it for myself too.

Alas! Some can’t see all this. It’s not just about the video that’s going around of a teacher being abused. Most of us at some point have criticised our teachers. That’s okay. We must give our views. But abusing a teacher!! Who gave you that right? Are you even worth being educated? Are you even worthy of being a part of the society?

You thought abusing is cool. You like using slang. But abusing someone is NOT OKAY. Be it a teacher, family, stranger. Anyone. That’s harassment.

We need to stop. We need to stop right now. We are already doomed. Don’t bring about another pandemic by spreading hatred.

Respect all!

Without a teacher, life will have no class!



My heart breaks


It hurts


I feel lonely


It feels too much


I wish I could cry


I wish someone would hear


I wish I am listened to


I wish someone cared


It’s called asking for too much


It’s called desperate

But let me tell you something


These thoughts are kept to oneself


Everyone avoids


It’s seen as weekness

So, don’t turn up sometimes

Saying you will be there

For you won’t.

For everytime

It’s all about you.


Only you matter


I let you walk over me.

So what if sometimes

I am a mess

Atleast everytime

I make a stronger come back!

The Colour of Suffering

The day I came into this world,
They were happy
For I was white.
As I grew,
The books called
White beautiful and
Black ugly.
The cinema too portrayed

poverty as dark.
I was not born biased.
It was fed to me each passing day.
The tv commercial said
If I bought a fairness cream
I’ll get the best man
And a great job.
It wasn’t till recent
That this was what was fed to us.
Unconsciously, we were taught
To look down at ourselves.
We. Us. We all are to blame.
Centuries after the end of colonialism
We still think of whites as superior!
Today, I see black lives matter
Do they?
Or just they matter?

What about yellow?
What about brown?
What about whites?

Don’t we all suffer?

Or is suffering decided
By the colour of our skin?

If that is so,
I’ll colour myself rainbow!
Will then the society accept me?
Or will it feel threatened
For it is colour blind
And what is not white and black
Shakes it to the core!

So today, I choose grey.
If that’s the new colour of peace!

4 p.m

I want to be your 4 p.m


I am done being the 3 a.m

When you are lonely

And sad

It’s not that I can’t tackle that.

It’s about me being nothing to you

While you are everything to me!

Your fingers type my name

Only to seek refuge

And never to see the love my eyes hold.

You cry over another human

A failure, some scar

Keenly, I listen it all

As I run my fingers through your hair

Hoping one day you too would ask

The secrets my heart holds

But you leave at the strike of dawn

Only to return some other night

With a new wound.

This time, I won’t let you in.

You need to be there too

or atleast care a bit.

I want to be you 4 p.m

The one you text after lunch

The one you look forward to meet after work

The one you do dishes with

The one who gets the morning forehead kisses

And tight hugs now and then.

The one that stays with you

No matter where you are.

So, knock that door

Only when you know

What I am to you

When you are sober enough to say my name

When your heart craves me in the middle of a busy day.

Until then,

The doors are closed

So are the windows

So don’t even bother!

Waiting for you is like waiting for Godot!